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Only the latest revision can be downloaded.  To see a list of the program revisions, click the News link near the top of this page. Revisions are cumulative.

Download and installation video tutorial

NOTE:  If you are using an old version of Windows with an old version of Internet Explorer, you may have trouble downloading.  If you do have trouble, try using a current version of Chrome or Firefox to download.

Medlin Payroll 4.8 (2016)

Medlin Accounting 4.8

Medlin Accounts Receivable 4.8

Download & Install Version 4.7

Click this link to download and install our prior version, Version 4.7. Includes all Medlin Software. During installation, you will choose which program or programs to install.

If you ordered Medlin Payroll for 2015, and are looking for 2015 end of year payroll reports without ordering our 2016 software, Version 4.7 of Medlin Payroll is the version to use.  You may need to download and install again, to have Version 4.7 Revision 31, which includes the end of year forms.  Note:  Version 4.7 of Medlin Payroll will not contain calculations for 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions
Switching computers / new computer?
Click here for step by step instructions.
Error message during installation?
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Key not working?
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Security warning during installation?
Click here for suggestions. Medlin Software does not contain any nefarious code, such as a virus or ad generating software. Our download files are "signed" to help ensure they have not been altered by a third party.


To install the latest revision, you do have to download and install the software again. Your existing data will not be deleted by installing/reinstalling.

If you ordered our MICR Check Printing add on (for Payroll and/or Accounting), MICR will also be installed.

Medlin Software uses the PDF file format for Print Preview. Install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Medlin Software is designed to work with any current version of the Windows® desktop operating system. We do not offer software for any other operating system.
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