Desktop Payroll Software by Medlin

"Simplicity is the key!" Jerry Medlin, founder, owner, and Inaugural Shareware Hall of Fame inductee

Desktop Payroll Software by Medlin - Overview

Desktop Payroll Software by Medlin is an easy to use and reasonably priced desktop payroll software program. Simple and fast to use for the busy do-it-yourself business owner, yet full featured and easy to use for those who prepare payrolls for their clients. Perfect for any small or medium sized business, non-profit, church, or fraternal organization payroll processing and reporting.

Refugee from another payroll software provider? Starting payroll mid-year? Not a problem! Click this link to see how easy it is to begin using Desktop Payroll Software by Medlin.

Handwriting your checks, or using another check writing system? Desktop Payroll Software by Medlin can be used to print pay stubs on blank paper and/or email pay stubs to your employees.

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All data remains fully in your control, internet access is not required to process your payroll. Your data is not sent to or stored in the 'cloud' unless you manually choose to do so - such as creating a secure online backup.

Download and install a FREE TRIAL in a few moments, even with a slow internet connection. To start the download and installation process, click here. Review our 'getting started' instructions, then enter your data. All data entered while using the free trial of Desktop Payroll Software by Medlin is saved.

Simplicity is the key! Pay your employees in minutes. Desktop Payroll Software by Medlin is compatible with current desktop versions of Windows. Desktop Payroll Software by Medlin has been featured in PC Magazine and PC World, is a Shareware Industry Association Award Winner, a ZD Net 'Editor's Pick', a Windows Users Group Network 'Pick of the Week', and is rated 'Best of the Internet' by PC Computing Magazine.

Medlin Software was established in 1984 and continues to be a family run business. We offer fast customer support via email, online chat, and text messaging, with replies sent in minutes during our business hours. Our software documentation is available online, and by clicking any of the Help buttons in our software.

Features include: Complete payroll capabilities for most businesses preparing their own payroll. Create payroll records, payroll reports, and manage your payroll tax liabilities. Print checks and paystubs on pre-printed check forms. Create direct deposit information and email paystubs. Built in calculations for Social Security, Medicare, Federal Withholding, State Withholding, and more. Nearly any withholding requirement can be handled. Includes direct printing, on plain paper!, of common Federal Tax Forms, W-2 and W-3 forms, and supports many state tax reporting requirements. Where required, creation of files for electronic reporting is available, including quarterly state reports. Easily handle required paid time off (sick leave).

Sample Payroll Reports: Payroll Check Listing - Payroll Ledger - Payroll Tax Summary - Payroll Worksheet - Quarterly Listing - Federal 941 - Federal 941B - Worker's Compensation - Paid Time Off - New Hire - Garnishment - Federal 940 - Federal 943 - Federal 944 - Federal W-2 - Federal W-3

Desktop Payroll Software by Medlin - Compare Editions

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CLASSIC Edition: The most popular edition of Desktop Payroll Software by Medlin. Quickly and easily prepare your own payroll. Pay your employees using using direct deposit, pre-printed check forms, or hand writing checks.

MICR Edition: Contains all functions of our Classic Edition. Adds the ability to print paychecks on blank check paper instead of needing pre-printed check forms.

PROFESSIONAL Edition: Contains all features of our Classic and MICR Editions, plus features specifically for the payroll professional or those with a more complicated payroll.

Desktop Payroll Software by Medlin - Samples

Sample pay stub
Payroll Software by Medlin Sample Pay Stub

Enter your company information.
Payroll Software by Medlin Employer Setup Screen

Review your paycheck setup.
Payroll Software by Medlin Paycheck Setup Screen

Enter your employee data.
Payroll Software by Medlin Employee Setup Screen

Create paychecks.
Payroll Software by Medlin Paycheck Screen

Print paychecks and reports.
Payroll Software by Medlin Report Screen
Can be setup for any state.
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